Sunday, October 2, 2011

Paleo Diet Blood Test

Several months ago I realized that I was getting too many of my calories from refined starches (think pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.) and, as I am wont to do, decided to go overboard in the other direction. This led me to what is commonly referred to as the Paleo Diet. This is essentially a version of the more general low carbohydrate diet - except that certain low glycemic fruits and most vegetables are allowed and encouraged.

I noticed two things that corresponded with this dietary switch; I lost about 15 lbs and I no longer had the energy I needed to do my long runs. I can't say for certain that either was a direct result of the dietary change, but I suspect this was the case for both. I would go back to a starch rich diet the day before a race, but that was normally the only time I would stray. The only supplements I take are a daily multi-vitamin and some fish oil pills.

A couple weeks ago I went in to see my doctor, and he ordered a fasting blood test. Below are the results.

Mostly good; glucose is fine, HDL is outstanding, and triglyceride levels are nice. The problem of course is the LDL,  the low density lipoproteins, more often known as the "bad cholesterol".

I am not sure what to think of this. Normally, I don't think that dietary cholesterol really effects blood cholesterol much, except in a small portion of the population. Am I in that small portion? I had been eating lots of cholesterol as of late, mostly in eggs, but also in other not so lean meats as well.

My blood tests came with a note from my doctor that he wants to discuss these results with me. I know he will want to put me on a statin drug. I am very resistant to this idea and plan to ask for another six months before doing another blood test.

In that time I will be moderating my diet again. I will cut back on the eggs and most offensive meats, and start adding back some healthy grains. Actually, I have already started doing this in the last ten days or so. In that time my weight has stayed the same, and I have gotten in three long runs. Including 20 yesterday at Afton State Park, and 24 today on my favorite trail, the Whitetail Ridge Trail in River Falls. Stay tuned.

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  1. you should have asked for a direct LDL count..
    LDL these days is usually calculated.
    good luck!