Monday, September 26, 2011

A Return to Training

It's been over a year since I have done any training. I've done plenty of running, but no training. For the past year I would run based on feel. If I felt like trail running, I would. If I felt like doing a tempo run, I would. I never felt like doing a long run that wasn't part of a race, so I didn't. It's been over a year since I thought about a running plan and followed through with it.

I know that in order to finish Sawtooth next year that will need to change, and it already is, but only sort of.

I have signed up for the Wild Duluth 100K in three weeks, so for now my running is more based upon preparing for that. This weekend I ran 10 miles on Saturday, and 21 on Sunday (even though I didn't feel like it!). It's been only two weeks since my aborted attempt at Sawtooth, and my legs aren't fully recovered. Next weekend, I am hoping to get in a pair of 20+ runs on the trails. After that I will begin to dial it down in preparation for the 100K.

After Wild Duluth I will probably take a couple of weeks off and then, starting in November, I will be starting a three month training segment designed to improve my speed and strength. More on that later.


  1. I'm looking for excuses to go up there. Do you need/want a pacer?

    Styx or Loverboy? Bread or Kansas? Steve Miller Band or Moody Blues?

  2. Steve. I've emailed you regarding the nice pacing offer.

    The music game has obviously taken a twisted turn. Unfortunately, I've been drilled to shun '70s MOR, so my answers are not very well informed. But...

    Styx. Only because I love how Come Sail Away was used during the dance scene in the pilot episode of Freaks and Geeks. Great television. Also, Eric Cartman does a nice cover version.

    Bread. I actually like Bread. Bread and America are the two exceptions to my no '70's MOR rule. Also, David J's cover of Guitar Man is a favorite.

    Moody Blues. Mostly because of fond memories listening to Day's of Future Passed on headphones late at night.

  3. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I went to the wedding of one of the members of Styx and I can't even tell you which one - except it was one of the brothers, and not the gay one. Nothing can ever make up for Mr. Roboto. Still, correct on #1!

    Correct, too on #2. Better songwriting and musicianship.

    I own an embarrassing amount of Moody Blues vinyl, but I was young and naive (and then young and slightly stoned); Steve Miller holds up amazingly well in comparison.

    2 out of 3 ain't bad (my god, I quoted Meatloaf)