Thursday, August 4, 2011

Seeking advice - Stepping up to the 100.

As the title indicates, I am seeking advice on how one knows if they are ready for a hundred. Or more to the point, how will I know if I am ready to give it a go at Sawtooth this year.

I have only been running about  45 miles per week, though I do have a finish at Voyageur last week, and am also planning on running the 50 mile course at Marquette on Aug. 20.

I began the year with hopes of training for Sawtooth as my first 100 mile run. As the year progressed and my training wasn't what I hoped it would be, I scaled back that goal to doing a 100K at Wild Duluth. I'm beginning to wonder however, if it is not really just courage that is holding me back. Am I ready to give the full 100 a go? I fear that I will never get in the training I feel is necessary, and will continually find excuses to go with the safer distance. Any thoughts?


  1. Hey Ross - I'm running Marquette in a few weeks too, as well as Sawtooth. (I last ran it in 2009). A couple of my LPTR friends will be there at both races too, so we will track you down and get you on board! If you can finish 50 miles, you can finish a 100. Mostly a matter of having to live in your head for that much longer... Do it!!!!

  2. Great. I'll be looking for you at Marquette.

    On a side note, are you the same brothergrub who graduated from UWRF in '94? If so, I run past your name on regular basis during my winter runs at the Knowles Center.